• 26 Gauge Paneling – 0.48 mm thick. It is a great option to add extra heavy-duty coverage from snowfall, ice, and hail. The extra thickness definitely gives our customers a peace of mind during unforeseen weather. 26 Gauge sheet panels are available on special orders. Restrictions apply.

  • 12 Gauge Tubing – 2-1/4” wide. It comes with a 20 year limited warranty on rust through of framing assuming normal user care and maintenance. See contract for details.

  • Roof Styles – Upgrade to our residential style roofs; A-Frame Horizontal or A-Frame Vertical
  • Extra Trusses – Concerned about snow? Add extra trusses to increase your Snow PSI rating.

  • Larger Braces – Depending on width and height of structure, brace size will vary to keep your building strong and stable.